Process of Producing Vitrified Wheel

  • Mixing

    Mixing process of vitrified Wheel uses inorganic adhesives making consistent state of mixing and maintaining good coating properties between materials and binder, so when molding, workability is increased.

  • Drying and Grinding

    In this stage, inorganic vitrified mixture is dried prior to molding process, so all the compositions are ground to be mixed in proper ratio. Compositions are ground to be fine powder for perfect mixing.

  • Molding

    Ground mixture is molded with the press regarding size, shape and grade. Molding methods are static expansion method to mold in the consistent volume and static pressure method to mold in the consistent pressure.

  • Sintering

    The process to sinter and harden molded products. Molded products are sintered under over 800℃. In the sintering process, it is important to maintain consistent temperature distribution.

  • Coating and Adhesion

    The process to coat and stick sintered products to the base. The base is covered with bond, and the product is attached with heat arranging product tips and making the line of the coolant according to customer’s demand.

  • Polishing

    The polishing surface is polished for constant surface flatness of wheel before releasing. Surface flatness of the product is 2/100 and has directly impact on the product. SYD can polish the product with outer diameter Ø2000.

  • Examination and Releasing

    The polishing surface of the product should be thoroughly examined before releasing because it has direct impact on the product. Defects or surface flatness is examined.